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How to create an Online Alter-ego, Alias, Pseudonym, Pen name or Nom de plume
and keep your real identity hidden.

Everything we do online is being monitored and recorded

7 Reasons why everyone needs an Online Alter ego

It is possible to reclaim your online privacy, defend your freedom of speech and protect yourself against online threats.

We are creating a guide on how to create and safely operate a second online identity or alias providing anonymity so you can safely participate online.

Learn how to protect your online privacy and achieve full anonymity

Online Alter-ego is the first easy to use complete internet security guide designed for normal internet users covering every aspect of online activity. Even if you don’t want anonymity and to create an alternative online identity, the guide will help you create your own internet security strategy to protect your online privacy and safety. Our smart risk assessment tool will help you determine what security measures you need, and easy to follow video driven tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on implementing your internet security strategy  


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