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How to create an Online Alter-ego, Alias, Pseudonym, Pen name or Nom de plume
and keep your real identity hidden.

Protect your Online Privacy & Anonymity

Everything we do online is being monitored and recorded

The Ultimate Guide to Online Privacy and Anonymity

The internet has become an increasingly dangerous place.  

Cybercrime and Identity theft are exploding.
Our personal information is being collected and sold.
Governments around the world are spying on their citizens online activity.
Trolls, cyber bullies and stalkers can destroy your reputation and life.
Online sickos and sexual predators are constantly lurking. 
The politically correct thought police are ready to pounce. 
Freedom of speech is under attack from censorship

It is possible to reclaim your online privacy and better protect yourself and your family from all these online threats.

BUT there is no software that is magically going to do this for you.

Internet security software including VPN’s are tools that can help make you safer BUT without knowing how to properly use these take, and without taking some additional and often very simple precautions.


Online Alter-ego is the first easy to use complete internet security guide designed for normal internet users covering every aspect of online activity.

It will show you how to protect your privacy and achieve full online anonymity.

Even if you don’t want anonymity and to create an alternative online identity, the guide will help you create your own internet security strategy to protect your online privacy and safety. Our smart risk assessment tool will help you determine what security measures you need, and easy to follow video driven tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on implementing your internet security strategy  

Online Alter-ego is about empowering normal people to protect themselves online.

You decide how much protection you need.

Take control over what personal information you share online.

Learn how to protect yourself against cybercrime and identity theft. 

Shield yourself, and those you love, from online sickos including sexual predators. 

Privately view what you want to view without censorship and your online activity being logged.

Find out how to securely store your private information into encrypted files that no one else can read.

Express opinions online without fear of being attacked by self appointed politically correct thought police. 

Keep your real online reputation intact!

Learn how to reclaim your online privacy today

We are creating a guide on how to create and safely operate a second online identity or persona providing anonymity so you can safely participate online.



Guide To Creating And Safely Operating A Second Online Identity

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