Conservative Councillor and Facebook Error

Facebook Privacy

Sometimes it would be nice to have two Facebook accounts, even if Facebook not allow. But, for UK Conservative Councillor he really should have had another account to separate his personal Facebook from his Professional Facebook. Jokes and comments he made online did not go down well with some sectors of his voters or the press.

Jokes to friends are cool, but if you hold an important or sensitive job in the public arena, then his comments were seen as stupid. He needed to manage his Facebook better and maybe have an online ego or a group or page.

So called NORMAL people have to make sure they use Facebook and online Alter Egos correctly. Imagine if you are the bank manager for your local branch and you start sending out funny sexy jokes to your friends and it becomes public to everybody on your facebook list. Also, remember depending on your profile settings, you could be broadcasting to anyone and everyone on Facebook.

FromDaily Mail

A Tory councillor is being investigated by council chiefs after sharing photo of a boat full of 14 naked women with a caption reading ‘If Carlsberg did illegal immigrants’.

Mike Kusneraitis, a Conservative councillor on the Tory-run Runneymede Borough Council in Surrey, said he should be judged on his actions in the community, not by ‘misjudged postings on social media’.

The councillor admitted making a number of ‘offensive’ postings on a Facebook page, which have now been removed.

Among the postings included a dog with a towel on his head and a sexually explicit cartoon, both posted on the Facebook page of the Peoples Front of Egham, which is currently unavailable.

He also posted an image on July 24 showing a boat full of 14 naked women, with a caption reading ‘If Carlsberg did illegal immigrants’.

Writing on his own Facebook page at the weekend, Cllr Kusneraitis, of Egham, Surrey, apologised if he offended anyone.

He wrote: ‘I would like to state that it was never my intention to offend or upset anyone and if I have done then I want take this opportunity to apologise sincerely and wholeheartedly.

‘Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not and have never been a racist.

‘Judge me by my actions in the community not by a misjudged post on social media.’

Article  Tory councillor apologises after posting a Facebook photo of 14 naked women in a boat captioned ‘If Carlsberg did illegal immigrants’