Facebook Bullying in the Workplace

Facebook does what it says when it links people all around the world. Family, friends and work mates all get connected and depending on your privacy settings, everyone can know all your business. So, what happens when your Facebook is used for your business too? The line between work social media and private social needs is […]

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Eleven Million Passwords Opened

passwords hacked on dating site

So, you put your real name and address and real details into your online bank account. You know it will be encrypted by the bank and you also know if anything goes wrong, and the bank is at fault they will have the responsibility. Well, that is probably true. Now, with all that great trust […]

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Ransomware and Whats Up

Whats App Hack

Ransomware issues again, this time with the very popular Whatsapp communication system. This can take over your PC and send you a ransom payment. Note, it is the PC version that can be the problem, no reports yet from the actual phone application. Remember, Whats App uses your phone number in most cases, maybe when using these […]

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Apps Which Demand Money From People

Phone is Watching You

Ransomeware and your online identification has just taken another leap in problems. Smartphones apps associated with porn sites that have been signed up for are now able to ransomware you, but with a worrying extra. Not only do they demand money for you to get control of your phone, but the front facing camera has been taking […]

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Match.Com Hacked

match.com hacked

Using porn or dating sites are a big gamble after all porn sells. But, what exactly does porn sell? The fantasy of finding a really great 100% match on a site is the goal. If you are lonely this is a daily drive to answer contacts and to keep searching. Paid sites always offer you more. […]

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