Conservative Councillor and Facebook Error

Facebook Privacy

Sometimes it would be nice to have two Facebook accounts, even if Facebook not allow. But, for UK Conservative Councillor he really should have had another account to separate his personal Facebook from his Professional Facebook. Jokes and comments he made online did not go down well with some sectors of his voters or the press. […]

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Fake Instagram Accounts – Are They Legal?

Fake Instagram Accounts – Are They Legal? Having a fake social media account can be for good reasons. Imagine you want to post on Instagram something that could be totally legal, but also could be provocative, and you do not want friends and family and work mates knowing that it is YOU behind the posts. […]

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Fake Social Media Accounts and The Law

Fake Social Media Accounts and The Law Back in November 2017, Facebook admitted that up-to 270 million accounts were assumed to be fake accounts, which is around 3 percent of the total. Now, add on peoples duplicated accounts and that takes the number of arguably false Facebook accounts to an astonishing figure, that even Facebook […]

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