Ransomware and Whats Up

Whats App Hack

Ransomware issues again, this time with the very popular Whatsapp communication system. This can take over your PC and send you a ransom payment. Note, it is the PC version that can be the problem, no reports yet from the actual phone application.

Remember, Whats App uses your phone number in most cases, maybe when using these sort of systems we should have a seperate sim card that will be an alter ego system?

From BBC Tech

The WhatsApp web app is a mirror version of its mobile app, enabling all messages, images and other content received on a smartphone to be accessed from a web browser.

There are currently over 200 million active users of the web app, according to statistics released by the firm this year. This compares to 900 million users of the smartphone app.

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in February 2014.

According to Check Point, the vulnerability was caused by the way the service handles contacts sent in the vCard (virtual card) format.

All a hacker needed to do to send a virtual business card that looked legitimate was know their target’s mobile number.

Once opened the vCard could distribute malicious code.

One expert said it was relatively easy for hackers to get hold of mobile numbers that have been disclosed via other breaches.

“Bearing in mind that WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging app, the chances of you opening a vCard sent to you is quite high,” commented Mark James, a specialist at security firm ESET.

Article  WhatsApp bug could affect millions of users