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Learn how to reclaim your online privacy and defend your freedom of speech

If you value online privacy then you need to reclaim it

If you value freedom of speech then you need to defend it.


Take control over what personal information you share online.

Learn how to protect yourself against cybercrime and identity theft.

Shield yourself, and those you love, from online sickos including sexual predators.

Find out how to securely store your private information in encrypted files that no one else can read.

Privately view what you want to view without censorship and without your online activity being logged.

Express opinions online without fear of being attacked by the self-appointed politically correct thought police.

Keep your real online reputation intact!

Our privacy and freedom of speech are under attack...

Online privacy and our freedom of speech are under attack like never before. Right now, the new 5 G network is being rolled out, and when combined with the internet of things, we will potentially be under surveillance 24/7. As crazy as it sounds, we are entering a time when every electronic device we use or encounter will be able to spy on us. This is not science fiction and this is not about some conspiracy theory,  this is simply about technology and how we, as individuals and society as a whole, decide to use it.

I am creating Online Alter-ego to give you the power to decide.

The Online Alter-ego project is about helping normal internet users like you to reclaim their online privacy, defend their freedom of speech and better protect themselves against the growing number of online threats.

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We have started a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter to develop the Online Alter-ego guide.
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